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About Me

The motivation behind On-Call Breastfeeding Support sprung from my desperate need for this service. I am a mother of two and struggled with recurrent plugged ducts and mastitis while breastfeeding my first baby. During those first few postpartum months, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and in pain. I didn't know where to start to find help -- I reached out to my midwives, my pediatrician, and my doula. The idea of traveling to a breastfeeding group with my newborn was too daunting to me so I finally found a lactation consultant. She was very helpful and encouraging, but wasn't able to make an in-home visit for a few days. I jumped at the opportunity.


Unfortunately, by the time she had availability, my problem had worsened beyond the scope of her practice and I had to see a medical professional. My lactation consultant was incredibly thoughtful, supportive and informative; she even accompanied me to my appointments with the breast specialist to help me advocate for my continued desire to breastfeed. I couldn't help but wonder how this would have unfolded if I had found support and it had been available to me sooner.

I gave birth to my second baby in a birthing center within a hospital with a "Baby Friendly" designation, which means that all clinical staff are required to obtain training in lactation. What an enormous difference! I realized how critical it was to receive breastfeeding support in those first few hours and days of my baby's life from people who were trained and encouraged my desire to breastfeed.


I became a Certified Lactation Counselor in March of 2018 through the Healthy Children Project in order to provide mothers with fast, compassionate, thorough breastfeeding support that puts mother and baby at ease instead of adding any stress.

I am the mother of a rambunctious and sweet pre-schooler and an affectionate, no-nonsense toddler. I have a background and a passion for global health with a Master's in Public Health from New York University and I completed my undergraduate degree at The George Washington University. My family and I are originally from the East Coast and moved out to California in 2017. Thank you for visiting On-Call Breastfeeding Support!

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